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Award Winning Premier New Zealand Home Designer & Artist


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Public buildings & homes, incorporating unique, environmentally-sound development, Community Centers, Temples, Schools, Healing and Art Centers, including landscaping and site-specific consultation. Build-to-Suit or Ready-Made Designs.

Site Consultations for anywhere in the world


Available for sale
and welcoming commissions

Portraits & Naturescapes, Tibetan Themes, Sacred Geometry, Symbology, Oil Paintings, Watercolors, prints & cards

Lynda resides on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. This stunning location has been an inspiration to her architectural designs and artwork.

Lynda can consult and design a home or community building for you --wherever you are in the world.

Her ability to situate buildings to the land, weather patterns, and seasonal changes of sunlight is unsurpassed

Do contact Lynda for more information.
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